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Student Ambassador

What’s this all about?

Student Ambassadors are motivated and creative, and they help their teachers make the dream of touring abroad a reality. As a Student Ambassador you get to share your enthusiasm for travel and have a direct positive impact on your trip!

ACIS Spain

The perks:

  • Help make sure you and your friends travel abroad by encouraging enrollment from the people you’d most like to have on tour.
  • Boost your resume and college applications, with the opportunity to learn valuable organizational, marketing, communication and business skills.
  • Foster and demonstrate your leadership, creativity, drive and responsibility.

High School Travel

The role:

Student Ambassadors assist the group leader’s efforts to enroll tour participants by spreading the word within the school and community. It’s a fun job to do—talk travel!

Once you have been selected to be a Student Ambassador for your group leader, join the ACIS Student Ambassadors Facebook Group and begin to refer to the suggested list of activities in the Student Ambassador Information Guide for suggestions on ways to spread the word and generate excitement.

Examples include assisting your group leader with the parent trip meeting, writing an article for the school or local newspaper and actively posting about your excitement for the trip on social media. The more you do, the greater the impact you can have on your travel experience.


Next steps:

Eager to get involved? Talk to your teacher about wanting to become their Student Ambassador today!

Become a Student Ambassador

Congratulations to Garrett N. from Penfield Senior High School in New York—along with his teacher Lynne, he was recently featured in our Student Ambassador Spotlight on the ACIS Blog. Hear from Garrett and Lynne on how both being a Student Ambassador and having the help of a Student Ambassador is a rewarding experience for all involved.

Want to help make your travel dreams a reality? Ask your group leader about becoming their ACIS Student Ambassador. Then read more below to learn what it's all about and how you can help.

Creative Trip Promotion

Check out the nifty ways Student Ambassadors have helped to recruit travelers and generate excitement for their upcoming tours.

Creative Student Video

Student Ambassador Madison S. from Pennsylvania went the extra mile and put together this buzzworthy video to recruit more of her peers to travel on her school’s Spring Break China tour. In addition to sharing this video via the morning announcements, Madison also helped her teacher add excitement to the parent meeting by making invitations with Chinese candies and cooking several Chinese dishes for attendees!