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Refer a Colleague

When you refer a colleague to ACIS, ACIS USA/ACIS Visit CanadaEncore Tours or GoPlay Sports Tours, you’re expanding your reach as a global educator. Travel changes lives. Don’t you want to help spread the word?

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Earn Our Thanks

Fill out the form at the left to refer a colleague and you’ll earn a special thank you from ACIS—World Traveler Reward Points or cash.

If your colleague travels with: You earn:
On an ACIS, Encore or GoPlay tour:
5-24 paying passengers $500 or 325 Points
25+ paying passengers $1,000 or 650 Points
On an ACIS USA/ACIS Visit Canada tour:
20-65 paying passengers $500 or 325 Points
66-99 paying passengers $750 or 500 Points
100+ paying passengers $1,000 or 650 Points

Past travelers do not qualify as newly-referred colleagues. The cash bonus will be issued during the year that your colleague completes his or her tour.