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How to Plan a Trip

ACIS makes planning easy. We take care of the logistics, so you can stay focused on getting your students ready for an amazing adventure. Here’s how:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Trip


Step 1: Meet Your ACIS International Program Consultant

Talk to them about your interests, educational goals and concerns, and they’ll help you choose or customize the ideal trip. Call us at 800-888-ACIS or email info@acis.com and we’ll connect you with one of our US-based International Program Consultants.


Step 2: Let the School Board Know

The ACIS reputation makes it easy to win school board approval. Contact us, and we’ll send a School Board Packet with extensive materials and information about ACIS, and the educational value of our trips, to help you win the go-ahead.


Step 3: Hold an After School Meeting for Interested Participants

Describe the trip, distribute itineraries, announce the first parent-student evening meeting, circulate an attendance list and send students home with an invitation for parents. Read a sample invitation letter (Word Doc) to help you get started.


Step 4: Hold An Evening Meeting for Parents

Explain the value of educational travel and address questions or concerns. To help you structure your meeting, we'll provide you with a customized PowerPoint presentation as well as a video to generate excitement. Be sure to have ACIS Registration Booklets on hand so parents and students can register right away! Additionally, ACIS staff and local representatives may be available for your meetings if that's important to you.


Step 5: Register Your Group

First, register your trip online or send in a completed Group Leader Registration Form. Your students can then either register online or complete the Participant Registration Form.

Grow Your Group

Step 6: Grow Your Group

Time to generate excitement! Get your school buzzing about your upcoming tour and you’ll recruit more students.

  • Talk it up: Not only will your excitement be infectious, it will prepare students for what’s to come.
  • Enlist the help of your students to spread the word: Using a Student Ambassador is a great way for students to help you promote your trip and grow your group.
  • Send a letter or email directly to parents: Keep parents informed during every stage of your tour recruitment process.
  • Hold monthly information sessions: Encourage parents and students to ask questions and learn more.
  • Make it affordable: Encourage fundraising and have your students enter the Travel is Education Scholarship contest for a chance to win up to $1,000 off their program fee.
  • Hold additional meetings: Students and parents are a busy bunch, and there’s a good chance that some won’t be able to attend the first after school or evening meeting.

Need a little guidance in choosing the perfect trip? We're here to help!

How to choose a trip