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Benefits for Teachers

We love teachers! Below are some of the ways we say thank you for leading an ACIS tour.

The benefits below apply to our international tours. Group leaders planning a trip to the U.S. or Canada should visit our ACIS USA/ACIS Visit Canada Benefits page for details on benefits available to them.

Teachers Travel Free

Book an ACIS trip, register six or more students (or just five for first-timers!) and you'll travel absolutely free. Each additional 6 participants earns you another free spot to bring along assistants.

World Traveler Rewards

We're proud to introduce our brand new loyalty program, the most generous in the industry. Global Conferences, travel scholarships, cash rewards and tour upgrades are some of the ways we say thank you for partnering with ACIS and changing your students' lives. Simply earn points for each participant in your group and redeem the points for the rewards of your choice.

Training Weekends

First-time ACIS Group Leaders are invited to be our guest for a training weekend in Barcelona or Costa Rica. We want you to feel confident leading your tour, and know once you experience an ACIS program you will. 

Large Group Bonus

Lead a large group, earn a large reward. With groups of 25+ earn bonus World Traveler Reward points that you can use towards, Global Conferences, travel scholarships, cash rewards and tour upgrades.

Ultimate Protection Coverage

From start to finish, leading a trip with ACIS should be stress-free. That is why ACIS automatically provides group leaders and assistants with Ultimate Protection Plan coverage.

Single Rooms

Relax in the comfort and privacy of your own room when you lead a group of at least 6 participants.

Graduate Professional Credit

Lead an ACIS tour and you have the option of earning three graduate-level professional development units. It's as simple as completing a form.

Referral Bonus

Help us spread the word on the high quality tours, generous group leader benefits and transformative experiences ACIS provides and we will thank you... with cash or travel.

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