Make the world your classroom


Find a tour

ACIS makes it easy:
Plan your trip in three simple steps.
Meet your International Program Consultant and
choose an itinerary
Get the word out and
grow your group
Pack your bags and go!

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What Teachers are Saying


It's the details that make the difference—from centrally-located hotels and authentic restaurants to unique cultural experiences and the best-and-brightest tour managers. All this, plus our signature service guarantee, so you can count on your trip going smoothly.

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Educational Philosophy

ACIS trips are experiential learning at their best. We don't just send your group to museums and historic sites and call it a day. We work with you to customize your trip for your educational and curricular goals, and pair you with a tour manager who's a true partner in education—not just a tour guide.

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Global Conferences

We think group leaders deserve their own amazing travel experiences! Group leaders who hit group size goals and registration deadlines are rewarded with free trips to exciting destinations—Paris, Peru, Barcelona and beyond—for learning, adventure and camaraderie with other educators.

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