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From peer-funding to car washes, ACIS' fundraising page provides you with a mix of new and old methods of fundraising for your next trip abroad.

Fundraising Programs & Ideas

Fair Trade Fundraisers
Traditional Fundraisers
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Peer-funding is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the internet, to support meaningful projects or efforts started by other people or organizations.

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Fair Trade Fundraisers

Fair Trade Fundraising

Fair trade products help improve the lives of the people who help produce and cultivate food and goods from developing countries by making sure they're paid justly. By participating in a fair trade fundraiser, you can help improve the quality of life for people overseas while raising money for your trip.

Heart of the Sky Fair Trade - Goods

Melinda VanSlyke from Wisconsin, the owner of the Heart of the Sky Fair Trade website, has been involved with fair trade for the past 20 years. Heart of the Sky Fair Trade Fundraisers are an ethical, fun, and innovative way of raising money for your school, club, or travel. Through Heart of the Sky Fair Trade, you can earn up to 50% of the profits from the merchandise while improving the lives of families in Guatemala. Here are Melinda's selling options:

Direct Sales: You order items from Heart of the Sky Fair Trade at a substantial discount. You then own the merchandise and can sell for whatever price you decide to friends and family, at church events, at local craft fairs, etc.


Order Form Sales: Melinda sends you full color brochures and order forms that feature a wide variety of Heart of the Sky Fair Trade merchandise available for purchase. You show the brochure to friends and family and take their orders, including payment. You send Melinda the completed order forms along with payment. She sends you the merchandise along with your share of the total sales (50%) and you distribute the merchandise to your friends and family.

Questions? Ready to get started? Visit www.HeartOfTheSkyFairTrade.com for more information or contact Melinda at MelindaVanSlyke@gmail.com.

Grounds for Change - Coffee

Grounds for Change is a family owned—fair trade certified and organic certified—coffee roasting business located in the United States. The family purchases the coffee beans from countries like Peru at a higher price per pound. These coffee-rich countries then use the money to support local programs such as domestic violence intervention programs. Learn more about fundraising with Grounds for Change.

Other Fair Trade Fundraising Opportunities:

Global Goods Partners

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Finally, some earth friendly fundraising solutions that help you raise money and save the planet at the same time. Greenraising.com provides opportunities for schools and non-profits to raise funds from selling earth-friendly items like cleaning supplies, reusable bags, soaps & lotions, and recycled gift wrap. Greenraising.com sends participating schools and registered non-profits up to 40% of sales. Schools can choose to drive people to the website to purchase items or they can choose a more traditional route of selling the green goods via a catalog.

Learn more about Greenraising.com or jumpstart your fundraising efforts by registering your school

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It pays to recycle! Through the EcoPhones Recycling Fundraiser, turn used electronics such as cellphones, laptops, inkjet cartridges and more, into cash for your trip in three easy steps: collect, ship, and get paid.

EcoPhones accepts non-working items and includes free shipping labels. For details and additional information, visit www.recyclingfundraiser.com

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Traditional Fundraising

Traditional Fundraising

Traditional Bake Sale

Ask the other members of your travel group to participate by baking or cooking yummy homemade foods: cookies, brownies, fudge, candy apples, chocolates, cheesecake, pies, breads, fancy cakes and pastries. Ask your local grocer, craft fair coordinator, or sports coach if you can set up a bake sale table at their store or event. Artfully display the baked goods and make a poster to advertise your sale; be sure to mention your ACIS travel plans. You may also want to provide napkins or paper plates and sell drinks if it is a sporting event - coffee, hot chocolate, lemonade, and soda transport easily and go well with sweets. Make sure to bring plenty of change and one-dollar bills!

Create A Recipe Book

Collect 50-100 favorite recipes for snacks, salads, dinner, desserts, or holiday food. Ask for neatly written or typed submissions on regular 8.5x11 paper, and encourage creativity with artwork on the pages. Be sure to make a nice cover page and a Table of Contents when all the submissions are in. Make 5 copies of each page to produce 5 demonstration books to show people and take orders. (Make as many copies as you need to fill the orders later.)

Binding the pages: Stack pages for each book and use a 3-hole punch on the left side of the stack (you may only be able to do a few pages at a time, but try to make sure all the holes are in the same place for each book). Tie colored string through each hole to bind pages together, or use 3-ring binders to hold the pages. Make a few extra books to sell at school or at local fairs and events. Be sure to charge enough for each book to cover your costs for supplies as well as make a profit.

Raffle Something Cool

Ask the creative people in your family if they would donate something homemade (paintings, artwork, quilts, knitted items, pottery, woodwork, fancy cakes or pastries) or offer your services (rake leaves, paint, mow lawns, do housework, wash cars, babysit). Display the item and make a poster to advertise the raffle; list your raffle item or service, ticket price, date of the drawing, and ACIS travel plans. Make up tickets on your computer or draw them on a sheet of paper to Xerox. Be sure to ask for name, address, and phone number so you can contact the winner afterwards. Sell as many tickets as you can at school or at local fairs and events - if you keep the price of tickets fairly low, people will tend to buy more. Note: Some schools or events may require you to get a raffle permit first. Be sure to ask around.

Car Wash

Ask the other members of your travel group to participate by spending a sunny weekend morning or afternoon washing cars with you. Choose a bustling section of town and ask a church leader, school principal, or store owner beforehand if you can use a small section of their parking lot and a water faucet for a fundraising car wash (offer to wash his/her car for free). Make some colorful posters to advertise the car wash - be sure to include the price. Bring a hose, some buckets, car soap, soft sponges, scrubbing pads, a squeegee, and drying towels. When you open for business, ask some of the group members to hold the posters up near the road and wave people in. Designate people to rinse, wash, rinse again, dry, and collect the money. Don't forget to set a rain date, just in case.

Bake Pizzas

Everyone likes pizza! Companies like Joe Corbi's Pizza can deliver freshly-baked pizza dough and pizza-making kits to your school—all the ingredients are included and the pizzas take under 10 minutes to bake. Take orders beforehand and have a blast as you and your friends try your hand at being Italian pizza chefs and raise money for your trip at the same time.

Hold a Marathon

Walk around a track, play soccer or chess, sing, dance, jump on a trampoline - any activity you can think of! You can do this by yourself or get the other members of your group to join in. Pledges are usually made by hours or miles.

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Creative Ideas

Creative Fundraising

Kids Night

Invite parents to drop off their kids (ages K - 5th grade) at your school from 6-9pm and charge $10 per child. You and your group can organize games, movies and snacks while their parents go shopping, run errands, or enjoy a meal out with a spouse or friends. It's an easy and fun fundraising effort, especially around the holidays when parents need a little extra time to themselves.

Dinner and a Movie

Host a dinner and a movie at your school and charge for tickets or ask for donations. You can organize your night around a theme and show a French or Spanish movie. To push the theme even further, you can bake and sell French pastries, baked goods, or Spanish-inspired treats.

Partner with the National Honor Society

Most schools have a National Honor Society that consists of a large group of students. Having more people and resources can really make a difference for your fundraiser. Join together for an event and split the profits 50/50.

Mardi Gras Masked Ball

Host a Mardi Gras themed ball at your school's gym or auditorium. Sell tickets for $10 and provide snacks and refreshments for an extra charge.

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