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Paying for Your Trip

For middle school and high school students, traveling abroad is an investment in the future. Did you know that 94% of former travelers reported a surge in their independence after their ACIS tour? And 92% said their confidence and interpersonal skills increased as a result.

We think travel is so worth it, however you get there.

When it comes to managing your trip budget, we understand that every little bit of help counts. From fundraising suggestions to scholarship contests, we've got the details on ways you can lighten the load.

Here are some ways you can help finance your upcoming trip:

Piggy bank
"I struggled to raise the money for my first educational tour abroad—working two jobs while in high school. Yet, I don't regret a single penny. The experience changed me for the better. I returned nostalgic for the memories and set on continued future travels. I learned the value of hard work saving for the trips and applied the same dedication to my college career where I studied International Affairs.

To say that my high school experiences traveling abroad influenced my life would be an understatement. Rather, these experiences defined my future."

Katie Shea

ACIS Participant, New York