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Your Trip, Your Way

ACIS offers hundreds of activities, excursions, adventures and opportunities that are the building blocks of our tours. Think of our itineraries as a launching pad for your imagination. We're obsessively flexible, giving you limitless choices-nothing is off-the-shelf and nothing's etched in stone except our promise to make your adventure amazing.

More than 75% of our group leaders customize their tours by adding a single excursion, taking an extra day to further explore a region or building a tour from scratch. So whether you'd like to customize your experience a little or a lot, we'd love to help.There are hundreds of ways to connect with the people, places and things you are visiting.

Or, go right to the experts and connect with your international program consultant at 800-888-ACIS.

ACIS Students in Spain

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Types of Trip Activities

Cultural Connections are immersive, hands-on experiences that offer a true window into the people and culture of the destinations you visit. They are experiential learning opportunities that take cultural understanding to a whole new level. Through activities in the arts, sports and leisure, food, peer exchange and more, students can explore the culture and history of a place from a different vantage point.

ACIS Cultural Connections

During service learning projects you will actively contribute to the societies you are visiting in a meaningful way. Projects range in duration and intensity, but each is developed to benefit the local community, all the while enhancing students' understanding of the world.

ACIS Service Learning

Adding optional excursions and extensions is another way to customize the tour for your group. Browse our extensive list of full-day excursions, half-day excursions, special dining experiences, visit enhancements and other opportunities for modifying your itinerary. Want an extra night in your final destination or a longer extension that adds another incredible dimension to your trip? We can help you maximize your time abroad.

ACIS Optional Excursions & Extensions