Trips that teachers trust

"All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust."

-J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Right on, Peter. When you decide to partner with an educational travel company, you aren't simply picking a travel agent to get you to Neverland and home again. You're entrusting many students' "trip of a lifetime" (and your professional reputation) in a company that should care about your group's well-being every bit as much as you do. And hands down, we do. Read on for a collection of real-world stories of teachers who have placed their trust in us and seen that faith returned many fold.
The result: pixie dust all around!

Lemonade from Lemons

Kevin Perry
Hanover, MA

Kevin's first trip with ACIS in 2011 showed that ACIS can even go toe to toe with a volcano! When Iceland's volcanic ash clouds rerouted air traffic throughout Europe, ACIS stepped in with a magical mystery bus solution to get the group back on track. Now, four trips later, Kevin still trusts ACIS to deliver - come rain, shine or whatever else might spring up!

What could have been a disastrous situation ended up with us expanding the number of places we got to see.
Kevin Perry
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We LOVED the Hotel Princesse Caroline in Paris. Great hotel in a wonderful location. Please please can we stay there again next year?
Mary Quish - Evanston, IL

Customized Trips from Planning to Delivery

Nicolette Miller
Westlake, OH

A few years ago I planned a custom tour of northern France, England and Ireland with special stops throughout to explore the Celtic connections between those three countries. When our tour manager, Christopher, found out the purpose of our trip he did massive research and worked awareness of the area's Celtic heritage into all we saw and did. The history and sense of purpose that he gave to our trip and shared with us was totally above and beyond!

The students fed off his enthusiasm and totally loved him; they even bought him a medieval wooden sword in Mont St. Michel and dubbed him Sir Christopher. He had them making videos at Hampton Court and gave prizes at dinner. They were totally engaged and reliving history each day.

Nicolette Miller

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The ACIS staff goes WAY beyond the call of duty. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful!!! I will never ever EVER travel with a budget company again. ACIS' standards are far superior to anything I have ever experienced with the other guys!
Brenda Gaver - Spokane, WA

The Hills are Alive with Cultural Connections

Mark Pfeiffer
St. Louis, MO

Looking at the photos students take and listening to their favorite experiences, it is obvious that the Cultural Connections are the highlights of my trips. Our last trip was no exception, where one of our Connections was learning to play the Alpenhorn in Switzerland. We were high in the Swiss Alps surrounded by the clinking of thousands of bells from all of the cows high up in the pastures. After a day of hiking, we arrived at a traditional Alpine hut famished and a bit sleepy. We were right below a 500 foot cliff overlooking a lush green valley.

Our guides taught us how to blow the gigantic horn which resounded across the valley and echoed back from that huge cliff. Afterward, we ate platter after platter of Swiss food, much of it using cream and cheese taken from the same cows we could still hear in the evening air. It was one of those comfortable, almost dreamlike experiences you only get a few times in your life.

Mark Pfeiffer

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My tour consultant Cara is amazing! She is always thinking ahead and helps me with anything I need. She is the best!
Kathryn Spinelli - Houston, TX

Comfortably Central Hotels

Keira Kirby
Newport Beach, CA

One of the great things about traveling with ACIS is that I never worry about our hotel being in a bad location. Every single time I have traveled with ACIS we have had excellent accommodations in locations that put us close to the action. The only reason why we might have an early wake-up call on a particular day is to maximize our time to take in the sites and culture on the trip. It's not to get on a bus to be transported to the city...we're already in the city! This past February on our Barcelona to Paris tour, each hotel we stayed at was in a fabulous location. We were a short stroll from Las Ramblas in Barcelona and the Roman Arena in Nîmes and then just around the corner from the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. We were also close to Metro stations that could take us to whatever else we wanted to see in no time at all!

When you have a limited amount of time in each location, you want to make the most of it. ACIS understands that and provides accommodations in some of the best locations in each city. The hotels also all felt safe, had friendly and accommodating staff (who were able to speak English), and had the amenities desired when traveling abroad-especially the free wifi to get a quick message off to the parents at home about how great each day had been.

Keira Kirby

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