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ACIS President Peter Jones

Peter Jones first started traveling while attending university in England. He found travel energizing—seeing new places and meeting new people allowed him to understand his own life differently.

This passion for travel led him to work as a tour manager for an educational travel company. Peter spent two summers leading American students throughout Europe—showing them new places, introducing them to new people and sharing his love for travel that he had discovered just a few years earlier.

After graduating from the university and working for an educational travel company in the US for a few years, Peter became determined to establish the premier educational travel company in the industry. In 1978, he founded ACIS with the belief that travel changes lives. Knowing the important difference between a trip that's mediocre and one that's extraordinary, he built ACIS from a deep belief and understanding that ACIS group leaders and participants deserve the best—from itinerary development to hotels to perhaps most importantly, the people hired to guide teachers and students throughout the journey.

Over the years, ACIS has added new destinations, launched new trip types, hired more staff and opened new offices. Even with all these changes, Peter's commitment to quality has only become stronger.

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