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ACIS Family & Memberships


Encore – Celebrate the International Language of Music and Dance

Successful music programs and great music travel go hand in hand. Encore's customized touring packages help define a sense of purpose for ensembles, build ensemble unity and strengthen friendships. They help boost the ensemble's reputation in the community and enhance recruitment and fundraising efforts. And, perhaps most importantly, they allow diverse cultures to come together and share in the universal language of music. But, Encore goes beyond travel. We are committed to supporting music education at home. From our director workshops and professional networking events to our scholarships programs for young musicians, we continue to give back to our musical communities year-round. That's why "taking your music program to new places" is our mission. Whether "places" refers to exciting destinations or supporting your music programs at home, Encore is with you every step of the way.



Travel & Company – ACIS Fun for Grown-Up Tastes

Just because you’re out of school, does that mean you’re beyond discovering?  How old is too old for learning about new people and new cultures? Who says adults like dealing with all the logistics on a trip?  It’s questions like these that helped us create Travel & Company. And it’s a huge success for our adult travelers. They experience the world, and they leave the planning, logistics, and education in the hand of the experts—ACIS.



AIFS – Providing Lifelong Learning Opportunities

ACIS is the educational travel division of AIFS, Inc., the American Institute For Foreign Study. Founded in 1964, AIFS is a leading worldwide sponsor of educational programs for more than 50,000 students a year. Their programs include college study abroad, au pair placement, camp counselors and staff, gifted education, high school study/travel and insurance services.